Always be Selling: 3 ways homeowners should think like sellers

Embrace some of the tenets of minimalism. After a few years some houses loose that home-sweet-home feel and turn to dumping grounds. Be mindful of what you decide to bring in your home. For some the one in-one-out policy is helpful and super simple. Essentially, when you buy something new something else gets the boot.  Your future move will be easier with a little less clutter.

Don’t let the small stuff snowball. That doorknob that’s crooked. The cabinet that’s hanging sideways. Don’t forget that leaky faucet. Maybe you should just fix it. Why? Well some of these things can lead to other issues (like the sink) and others will be added to the laundry list of things you’ll need to fix before you sell. I always suggest keeping up improvements as the condition of your home is an important part of its value. 

Keep up with those warranties. Not only could you find a need for them, this would be something you’d likely want to hand over to any new buyers. Filing these docs aways are a must. Some folks even suggest taping the warranties to the wall near the  item in question.Whatever you decide to do keep them close and know where they are and you’ll stay prepared. 

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