Realtor Commission in Cincinnati

For 21 years our company will List your house for $500 and sell it for as little as 2%. We are a full service real estate broker i.e. everything you would expect from a big box Broker.

We have offered the same full service you would expect from the Big Box Real Estate Brokers since,, Realtors was founded. Full service at a fair price is our passion.


How can we do the same for less? We don’t have big expensive offices.  Big, beautiful offices that may not add value to the process of selling your home so we pass that savings on to you.


You can fire your doctor, dentist, attorney, CPA, why not your Realtor? I am so convinced you will be pleased with our service that I give you the right to cancel our contract at any time with a written 30 day notice. I put that in writing in the contract, no cost or penalty to cancel.


We give the seller the right to pick the commission plan they think is fair for their price range in their area in current market conditions. I will guide you on which plan might work best for you in today’s market, but it is your choice.


Let me also add that some homes listed in MLS will not sell no matter which company/broker they were listed with and all the marketing they did or did not do. Price and condition sell, everything else sits on the market a very long time. The homes that sell are priced right and in great condition. Price will be the most important decision you make. 

If you want to Save Money contact me today.                                            

        Sarah Rose, Realtor, Realtors


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