Pleasant Ridge

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Pleasant Ridge

 Pleasant Ridge has character in spades. Craftsmen and women, painters, and dancers and creators of all types have made their homes here. Perhaps you will as well. You’ll find older homes with whimsy and personality. Check it out and you might just fall for the allure of this Cincinnati standout. Let’s explore the possibilities together. 

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Pleasant Ridge

Here’s a snapshot of the map of Pleasant Ridge. Take a look around!

Sarah's Hit List

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Pleasant Ridge. 

The food is amazing take it from me. Café Alma encourages healthy eating habits with a Mediterranean Diet.  They offer a full kitchen, bakery, an extensive coffee and tea bar, and cocktails.

Slinging vinyl for over 40 years. With a selection of new and used records, CDs and cassettes And it’s right at your doorstep. Welcome to Pleasant Ridge. 

Eclectic and green, these folks at Scrap It Up collects donated scraps sells it for pennies. It’s great way to find bits of this and that for a fraction of the cost and with little waste. 

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