How a Market Analysis Gives You an Advantage!

You are ready to sell your home, but want to know how much to list it for. Look no further than the Comparable Analysis! I prepare a details Comparable Analysis for every client looking to sell. This is standard but the analysis give you a definite leg up. A comparable analysis is the process of determining the list and possible sale price of your home.  I provide a comparative market analysis for all of my clients. It’s a valuable tool when preparing your home for selling. 

So you may be wondering what kind of details are included? Things like houses sold in the area, size, price and lots of relevant specs pertaining to homes currently on the market and recently off the market. You’ll want those numbers and the specifics to see how your home compares to others in the neighborhood. This information  should definitely help you set the right price for you listing. It might also give you an idea of what you’re up against and what changes or aesthetic tweaks you might want to make to your home to make it stand out from the rest and demand a higher asking price. We’ll talk about that in greater detail but this report that I prepare lays everything out for you at a glance. 

I prepare a Comparable Analysis for my Sellers so they have the details they need to make an informed decision. This is standard practice when working with me. I pride myself on educating my clients so they have all the details they need to feel confident in taking the next step!

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